Co-organised by the European Commission and the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU in 2019

Joint introduction FISA 2019 / EURADWASTE ‘19

Serban Constantin VALECA President of Scientific Council in RATEN ICN, Professor at University of Pitesti, Romania

Keynote (video)

Patrick CHILD (EC, DG RTD), Deputy Director General, Research and Innovation, European Commission

Keynote: Euratom Research and Training and Horizon Europe framework programmes (video)

Charlina VITCHEVA (EC, DG JRC), Deputy Director-General of the Joint Research Centre, European Commission

Keynote: JRC role in Euratom Research and Training and Horizon Europe (video)

Nicolae HURDUC (Minister, RO), Ministry of Research and Innovation of the Republic of Romania

Keynote (video)

Stefano MONTI (IAEA), Section Head, Nuclear Power Technology Development section, Division of Nuclear Power, Department of Nuclear Energy

Research and Innovation for a safe, secure and safeguarded nuclear power in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Daniela LULACHE (OECD/NEA, FR), Head of Office of Policy and Coordination, OECD Nuclear Energy Agency

Nuclear Research and Innovation successes and accomplishments looking to the future (video)

Teodor CHIRICA (FORATOM, BE), President of the European Nuclear Industry Association

Research and Innovation benefits for a low-carbon economy, Industrial Competitiveness and sustainable development (video)

Pierre Jean COULON (EESC, EU), President of the Transport Energy and Networks section, European Economic and Social Committee

Keynote: Research and Innovation missions and benefits to Civil Society to tackle today’s Societal Challenges (video)

Nathan PATERSON (ENS YGN, BE), Chair European Nuclear Society Young Nuclear Generation and Joerg STARFLINGER (ENEN, BE),Vice-President of ENEN, University of Stuttgart, Germany

The future of Nuclear: Collaboration, Vision and Innovation – perspectives from the YGN (video(video)


Michael Huebel (EC, DG ENER), Head of Unit, Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety

EU/Euratom Directives,2013/59/Euratom on Basic Safety Standards, 2009/71/Euratom and 2014/87/Euratom update on nuclear safety of nuclear installations: status, challenges and future perspectives (video)

Massimo Garribba (EC, DG ENER), Director Nuclear Energy, Safety and ITER

EU/EURATOM R&D supporting Directive 2011/70/Euratom on the responsible and safe management of spent fuel and radioactive waste: status, challenges and future perspectives (video)


Pierre-Marie Abadie (ANDRA, FR), CEO

Keynote: European & International status on the management and disposal of radioactive waste, developments and challenges ahead (video)

Andrew Orrell (IAEA, Section Head for Waste and Environmental Safety)

ARTEMIS in Europe, the Integrated Review Service for Radioactive Waste and Spent Fuel Management, Decommissioning and Remediation (video)

Christophe Davies (EC, DG RTD), Euratom Fission, Project & Policy officer

Euratom research and training programme in radioactive waste management: Overview status, vision and future perspectives (video)


Martin Murray (Environment Agency, UK)

EURATOM STC Opinion (Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee): Key recommendations from the Opinion published early 2017 and future perspectives (video)

Roger Garbil (EC, DG RTD), Euratom Fission, Project & Policy Officer

Euratom research and training programme in safety of the reactor systems: Overview status, vision and future perspectives (video)


SESSION 1-Predisposal and disposal technology developments

Radek Trtílek (ÚJV Řež, CZ)

Keynote: Role, contributions, challenges and perspectives from Research Entities in advancing knowledge, solutions and technologies for the management and disposal of radioactive waste (video)

Danièle Roudil (CEA, FR)

Nuclear site integrated characterisation for radioactive waste minimisation (INSIDER) (video)

Denise Ricard (ANDRA, FR)

Characterization of conditioned nuclear waste for its safe disposal in Europe (CHANCE) (video)

Matti Nieminen (VTT, FI)

Thermal treatment for radioactive waste minimisation (THERAMIN) (video)

Johanna Hansen (POSIVA, FI)

Tunnel plugs and shaft seals demonstrations (DOPAS) (video)

Johan Bertrand (ANDRA, FR)

Development and Demonstration of Monitoring Strategies and Technologies (Modern2020) (video)


SESSION 2 –Radioactive waste source term and science for disposal safety

Johan Andersson (SKB, SE)

Keynote: From past to future science underpinning the Safety Case of deep geological repositories –Challenges until licensing and how maintain knowledge and competence on cutting edge science afterwards during operation (video)

Lena Zetterstrom Evins (SKB, SE)

Spent fuel dissolution (REDUPP and DISCO) (video)

Simon Norris (RWM, UK)

Overview ofCarbon-14 Source Term generation and release from irradiated metals, ion-exchange resin and graphite (CAST) (video)

Marcus Altmaier (KIT/INE, DE)

Research and innovation action on cement-based materials, properties, evolution and barrier functions (CEBAMA) (video)

Patrick Sellin (SKB, SE)

Bentonite Erosion: Effects on the Long-term Performance of the Engineered Barrier and Radionuclide Transport (BELBAR) (video)

Bentonite Mechanical Evolution (BEACON)

Birgitta Kalinowski (SKB, SE)

Microbiology in nuclear waste disposal (MIND) (video)

SESSION 3 -Networking of research communities, Joint Programming of national programmes and integration of Radioactive waste producers

Christophe Davies (DG RTD, EC) Session Introduction

Networking of the research communities with a national mandate for RD&D in RW disposal –view from WMOs, TSOs, REs and less developed or advanced programmes on their R&D needs, contribution to the European Joint Programme development, expected impacts and future perspectives

Robert Winsley (RWM, UK)

The Implementing Geological Disposal of radioactive waste Technology Platform (IGD-TP) –evolving into our second decade (video)

Delphine Pellegrini (IRSN, FR)

The SITEX initiative (video)

Christophe Bruggeman (SCK-CEN, BE)

“EURADSCIENCE”, a research organisations network for radioactive waste management science within Europe (video)

Bálint Nos (PURAM, HU)

Needs of countries with longer timescale for deep geological repository implementation (video)

Frédéric Plas and Marie Garcia (ANDRA, FR)

European Joint Programme on radioactive waste management(EURAD) (video)

Stefan Mayer (IAEA, AT)

Radioactive waste management: a national responsibility, at a global scale, requiring local solutions –and things the IAEA can do to help (video)

Rebecca Tadesse (OECD/NEA, FR)

Perspective from the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency radioactive waste management programme (video)

Michel Pieraccini (EDF, FR)

Keynote: EDF suggestions and strategy on ways and means, including R&D on pre-disposal and radioactive waste management for enlarging the European Joint Programme on waste disposal for joint implementation of joint programming (video)

Joint Conclusions

Mircea Popa (State Secretary, RO), Ministry of Research and Innovation of the Republic of Romania


Hans Forsström (SE) Expert rapporteur

EURADWASTE ’19 -Key messages and future perspectives

Stefano Monti (IAEA), Expert rapporteur

FISA 2019 -Key messages and future perspectives